Alumni Speak

  • The alumni of CHS are an integral part of the school’s identity and are well connected to the school

  • Our Alumni are our brand ambassadors who are doing well in different vocational and educational fields. These students are empowered individuals today who have faith in their dreams, boldly pursuing their passions and have excelled in their respective fields  

  • Mohit Kripalani-Batch 2011

    Assistant Delivery Manager/Recruiter-Tata Consultancy Services

    We often hear that ‘School is our second home’ and Chowringhee High School proved these words true to me. Words would seem less in my vocabulary if I start expressing my emotions. 10 GOLDEN years of my life that I spent there will be the most precious ones of my life and be cherished forever. The CHS family not only teaches students academics but prepares them for the difficult journey ahead. Every teacher at CHS treats their students as their own children. I have learnt how to deal with the extreme situations with patience and that nothing can hinder you if you are competent, possess will power and sheer dedication.

    Mere words cannot express my gratitude for all the teachers and support staff and I cannot stop myself from mentioning the man behind all the success of mine and the school, our beloved Late Johnny Sir. Always a proud Chowrighee’an.

  • Md Sabir-Batch 2013

    Systems Engineer-Tata Consultancy Services

    “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
    These lines indeed stood true for me and many others who were a part of this great institution. CHS has always been an integral part of my educational journey, i still remember the first and last day of my school life and how it helped me to become the person i am today.

    The school’s enriching curriculum, skilled teaching faculty and atmosphere helps in the holistic development of a child and makes them ready for future endeavors. The homely atmosphere which CHS provides and the loving and caring nature of the teachers and staff always brings the best in you. Apart from the regular curriculum, the social clubs and extra curricular activities has always helped me in being bold and outspoken. The kind of exposure and opportunities it provided me was unparalleled, be it an Art competition, sports, debates, social activities and tons more.I feel myself fortunate to be a part of CHS family led by our beloved Late Johnny sir and take great pride in it. Words cannot describe how much we miss him and what a crucial role he played in transforming our lives.

  • Md Ataullah-Batch 2013

    Asst HR Manager-Thywill Services

    I Md. Ataullah, a student of batch 2013 would want to thank my school for giving me the opportunity to learn more about who I am as a successful human being. This school taught me the value of doing good things or, to put it another way, putting others before oneself.I discovered the value of time management and taking part in community activities like blood drives and health camps.Due to the persistent guidance of our beloved administrator, Late Johnny Sir, I observed a Durga Puja and Iftaar celebration arrangement free of any religious discrimination. Because of his guidance and devotion, I have learned valuable lessons about life that I can never fully express in words. Thank you for every direction you steered me in so I may discover my true potential and unleash my power.

    This school and its professors helped me develop a sincere outlook on life.They taught us the importance of time and the necessity of failure in order to succeed in life.After a 16-year trip, I understood that if an issue is significantly amplified, the solution is just a single step away.I always feel proud to be a Chowringhian and cherish the memories of my time spent there.I respect the institution’s catchphrase, “School with a difference.” Without a doubt, it is true.I now stand as a strong member of society as a result of building my career and the careers of hundreds of individuals by working for a recruitment agency.