Principal's Message

  •  A school plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s future. Not only does this include the provision of education and ensuring learning, but moulding the character, morals, and value system of the child as well. A school provides the foundation needed to view       the world as a limitless space providing innumerable opportunities to shine.

    Truthfully, “The whole purpose of education is to teach the child to think and not what to think” is a well-known adage. We at Chowringhee High School hold this to be the essential truth, and it has always been our goal to teach good values in all of our  students so that they grow into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to face challenges once they leave our doors.

    In order to give our students a unique learning experience, we have embarked on an elevating and stimulating adventure.We create an environment where every child is shown love, respect, and acceptance. Here, the emphasis is on creating a seamless fusion      of ancient and modern methods that is beneficial to students. Children learn here through experimenting and exploring the real world situations. This gives the children the best exposure and builds their confidence. We are committed to achieving our goal by offering a model facility to develop a child’s creative, intellectual, and physical abilities.

    We sincerely think that a child’s first and most crucial teacher is their own parent. Parents are essential to their children’s education. We cordially invite all of our parents to become involved in their children’s education and be active members of our school community.I would like the parents to know that my door is always open to discuss any concerns, questions, or ideas you may have regarding your child’s education. I welcome you all to an outstanding learning community where everyone is dedicated to a high standard of excellence.